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To help you enjoy your stay, and make your planning as easy as possible we have created a sample itinerary of our top picks. If you are staying seven days, these are the activities we recommend you try. Use the itinerary as-is, use it as a starting point in creating your own, or pick one or two activities that appeal to you.

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What To Do With Seven Days: Sample Itinerary

Day One

  • Arrive in St. Croix, drive to condo at Questa Verde, unpack and take cooling dip in pool.
  • Drive into downtown Christiansted for a sunset stroll along the boardwalk. Eat dinner at Rumrunners.
  • Stop at Pueblo Supermarket on way back to condo for groceries.
  • Before retiring, turn on the Weather Channel for the weather back at home and, depending on the report, try not to gloat.

Day Two

  • Breakfast on the condo balcony overlooking Christiansted Harbor.
  • Drive into Christiansted for a morning of exploring the town. Stop by the Visitor Information Center, Tour Fort Christianvaern. Explore the shops and eat lunch at one of the restaurants along the boardwalk.
  • Drive to the East End, all the way to Point Udall, the easternmost point in the United States. Hop over to the South Shore, stopping to take photos of the sweeping oceanfront vistas above Grapetree Bay.
  • Return to condo for a dip in the pool and rest before dinner.
  • Go to Tutto Bene for dinner.

Day Three

  • Make it a Beach Day! Eat breakfast at the condo and drive along the north shore to Carambola Beach Resort. Eat lunch there and enjoy the beach.
  • Return to condo for a rest before…
  • Dinner at Duggan’s Reef

Day Four

  • Make it a West End Day! Eat breakfast at Shenanigans in downtown Christiansted before heading to the western end of the island.
  • Visit the rum factory and the Whim Plantation Museum nearby.
  • Drive over to the Rain Forest and stop for lunch at the Montpellier Domino Club, replete with the Beer Drinking Pig. Go on to St. Croix LEAP, the Mahogany Workshop.
  • Drive on to Fredriksted and end the day with dinner at the Sunset Grill.

Day Five

  • Make it a Buck Island Day! Start with breakfast at the condo before heading out.
  • Do the Teroro II full-day Buck Island trip for sailing, snorkeling and swimming (make reservations at least a couple of days in advance and bring a bag lunch). This could be the highlight of your stay in St. Croix.
  • On the way back to the condo, pick up steaks at Schooner Bay Marketplace and a movie at Blockbuster for dinner and a movie at “home.”

Day Six

  • Make it another Beach Day! Go to the Golden Rail for breakfast and stop in a few more shops in Christiansted.
  • Pack a lunch and head to Cane Bay Beach on the North Shore for snorkeling, swimming, reading and, if certified, scuba diving on the world-famous “Wall.”
  • Stay there for an early dinner at “Off the Wall.”

Day Seven

  • Sadly, time to head home, pack and leave the condo.
  • Make sure to sign the guest book!
  • Depending on when your flight leaves, you can go to the beach, do more strolling in Christiansted or make one last drive and picture-taking spin around the Island!
  • Arrive safely back home and immediately consult your calendar for your next trip to St. Croix!