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Visitor Testimonials: St Croix – and the Condo at Questa Verde

“St. Croix was a pleasant surprise in so many ways. It was delightfully refreshing to visit a tropical island that was so low-key, i.e., not a “scene.” The locals were helpful and friendly, everything moved at a wonderfully slow pace, and we enjoyed not having to fight mobs of tourists. I appreciated that the island was big enough for exploring, yet small enough that we were never more than 20 minutes from the water. I would highly recommend St. Croix to friends and family. I’m thinking of buying investment property in St. Croix myself! It’s a gem.”
Joanne Redmond, New York City

“I really loved the island. It was very laid back. I thought it would be more like St. Thomas or St. John with packed beaches and no place to relax. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was very tranquil and a great place to unwind from the rat race in NY. I would definitely recommend the island to friends. St. Croix is a Hidden Gem."
Tom Polumbo, Oyster Bay, New York

“Our trip to St Croix was the best. The condo was far more than I expected – in beauty, space and comfort. The Island is so fresh and green and diverse. We loved exploring all over and the size of the Island meant that you didn’t need to worry about getting lost! We saw lots of animals, although not a lot of flowers and “home grown” fruit, which we had expected. Everything was easy. We had so much fun and truly rested. It was a very peaceful place.”
Pam Taft, Queens, NY

“We liked the island a great deal. Less commercial/touristy… friendly people…lots of character to the place. Among the destinations we've been to in the Caribbean, St. Croix ranks as a favorite in our book.”
On the Condo: “Well-appointed and decorated. We enjoyed the pool quite a bit. Evan made friends with a couple of the resident children.”
Andy and Felicia Levine, Scotch Plains, NJ

“We loved the island; the great weather, warm water, golf (which we only viewed). We are thinking of purchasing our own condo in St Croix. A great place to visit and have fun. We are ready to go back. Thanks for a great vacation. We have others already asking about renting your condo.” On the Condo: “One of the best views on the island!”
Greg Meyers, Fresno, CA

“We loved St. Croix. Its white, sandy beaches, excellent snorkeling, cooling breezes, variety of terrain, friendly people and great restaurants(where it was never a hassle to walk in or get an easy reservation and where the prices weren't nearly as bad as other islands we've visited.) We would definitely recommend the island to friends and family” On the condo: “We were pleasantly surprised by the downstairs arrangement and the privacy afforded by the two bedrooms being separated by that other room.”
Dariel Curren, Roxbury, CT

“It was a wonderful experience in a beautiful condo and provided a great retreat for us girls to rekindle old friendships and make new ones. I'm a scuba diver, and The Wall was fantastic!”
Chris Chalfant, Los Angeles, CA

“St Croix was wonderful. We loved that it’s American so you don’t have to figure out the language and do so much work trying to do the details of daily life there. We traveled the entire island the first day to see the sights and get a feel for it. The locals were so friendly, and did not beg us for money (like in some other places). We even stopped at some homes and asked them to let us pick a mango or a sugar apple and they were very fun and accommodating. We were there for 9 days and did it all! We just absolutely love it and look forward to returning. We highly recommend it.” On the Condo: Oh man – was this ever the time of our lives. It is so beautiful and relaxing. The neighbors are so friendly. Everything we needed was there. It was 5 star all the way for us. We just kept singing the praises of the DeRockers for having such good taste! Even the dishes and towels are something you would expect at a luxury hotel.
Mark Taft, Queens, NY

“I have always hesitated to visit the Caribbean because I feared it was over-commercialized and riddled with SANDALS-esque resorts that serve to sanitize local culture thereby rendering any hope for an "authentic" island experience limited to day trips. HOWEVER, I am pleased to report that St. Croix provided a beautiful, natural experience of an authentic island. I felt that we were having a fairly authentic experience and really enjoyed the landscape and nature. We're all feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energized from the trip. I think the island provides a great balance of activity (and guiltless inactivity).”
On the condo: “Amazingly well-thought out (good job, Melinda!) I would think, "I wonder if there are any chip clips?" and they would appear in the most logical drawer…”
Kimberly Ziegler, New York City

“Loved St. Croix. It's a beautiful place. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.”
Melissa Rossi Wood, Stamford, CT

“Now that I’ve returned (from St. Croix), I feel like I've been yanked back from Paradise. We had a truly wonderful time - indescribably lovely.”
Alison North, New York City

Other Comments:

  • “Questa Verde was very nice. You have to go into the office and ask them to show you the picture of what the condo look like after Hurricane Hugo. K-71 was beautiful, airy and spacious. It was 5 star all the way for us. We just kept singing the praises of the DeRockers for having such good taste! Be careful of the step right inside the front door.”
  • “I absolutely LOVED the porch / balcony with the awesome view. I spent the early morning soaking in the sunrise, the quiet…and the sounds.”
  • “We were so happy to have a kitchen, I couldn't tell you. We found the local supermarket and stocked up, it saved us a lot of money.”
  • “K-71 was awesome! It was very clean when we arrived. I love the way it was stocked with all supplies you would ever need. Much better than a hotel.”
  • “Accommodations were first-rate. Very comfortable and homey. Loved the décor, location, size, cleanliness, layout, kitchen, security, and the wonderful view of the water.”
  • “We felt extremely comfortable. Forgot about all the stress back in New York City the moment I walked in!”
  • “Nothing like that view from the porch to make a person feel happy! Well decorated. The colors and the art made me feel so relaxed.”