St. Croix Condo Home Reservations

Questa Verde K71 Condo Rules

Welcome to St. Croix and to "Dianna's Fancy!" We hope that your stay here on St. Croix is wonderful and restorative and that you will want to return. Meantime, here are just a few K-71 rules that will help us make sure your next visit - as well as that for those who follow you - is just as good as this one. Enjoy!

Water Usage

While rum is quite abundant, water is surely not. Please limit your water usage. If you must take a bath, do so in rum or the ocean!


Please no smoking in the condo, including the balcony and the backyard. You may smoke at the pool or in the parking lot. Thank you for your consideration.


You may use the phone for any local calls. Use your credit card for calls outside the USVI.

Laundry Facilities

The laundry room is off the pool. Tokens may be purchased at the office M-F from 8 to 5.

Keeping The Condo Clean

Wash off sand before entering the condo. There is an outdoor shower at the pool.

Please no wet suits, wet towels, or wet clothes on the furniture.

If you have time before your departure please wash the towels and sheets; at the very least strip the beds of the sheets that you have used.

Before you leave clean out fridge and cabinets of food that would go bad. Dumpster for garbage is in the parking lot.
Brooms, mops and cleaning supplies are in abundance. Use as needed.

Please do not leave food sitting out in the kitchen. If you see tiny sugar ants use Terro, found in the supplies closet.

Inventory (Use And Preservation Thereof)

Feel free to use all sports, beach equipment, etc. Return it where you found it, in good condition.

Use only plastic plates, cups, etc. at poolside and beach. Don't discard plasticware. It can be washed and reused. Don't take glassware, fiestaware or stainless outside the condo unit.

Accidents happen. Fess up. Let us know if something was broken or lost. Sorry, but you will be charged. This includes the house and gate keys, which cost $25 a pop to replace.


Lock sliding glass door, as well as all doors, whenever you leave the condo, even if it's just to go to the pool, laundry or soda machines.

Emergency keys hang on hooks by each door. Use only for quick exit in emergency.


Use little bedroom entrance on the lower level to carry luggage in and out. Saves wear and tear on you, as well as the staircase walls.

Don't leave items outside on balcony as brief showers can occur throughout the day.

Feel free to adopt the mosquito-eating lizards as pets; just leave your own at home.