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Dianna HuberOur good friend, Dianna Huber of New York City, joined us in St. Croix in the early days of the condo renovation, acting as both a decorating consultant and marriage counselor! (Renovating can be very stressful.)

She returned to NY only to discover she had leukemia. After an arduous battle, we thank God that Dianna is cancer-free. Her invaluable friendship and God-given courage inspired us to name our condo in her honor.

The word "Fancy" is a term that was commonly used by the Danish settlers, along with "Delight," "Wish," and Rest," to name properties in honor of family members. To this day, districts of the Island carry names such as "William's Delight," "Peter's Rest," "Judith's Fancy" and "Willie's Wish."

And now, thanks to our dear friend, there's a property named "Dianna's Fancy."



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